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  • Why Should I Hire a KCCHS NAF Intern?
    Developing young talent is one of the smartest decisions a business can make. Career path decisions are made early, so when you hire high school students now, you create a pathway back to your business for future employees. Our interns also offer substantial benefits from day one, from new ideas to a native understanding of tech.
  • What are Some of the Ways KCCHS NAF Interns Add Value?
    Providing technical support Extracting data from online forums Monitoring equipment and troubleshooting problems Installing and testing computer hardware Processing and verifying accounting information Creating weekly and monthly financial reports Greeting and escorting visitors Maintaining filing systems Organizing incoming and outgoing mail Developing and providing tours to visitors Assisting with event planning Working at your organization’s front desk
  • Are KCCHS NAF Donations Tax Deductible?
    Yes! KCCHS is a not-for-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Check with your tax advisor for more details.
  • What if My Company wants to Support the Program but not Hire an Intern?
    We have various sponsorships available and accept donations. 100% of the sponsorship and donations received are reinvested in our NAF program to help prepare our students for their careers. Check our our Sponsorship and Donation Page for more information.
  • What type of KCC High School students participate in NAF?
    Students have to meet certain criteria in order to participate in the program. The participating students are energetic and high performing, who would want to take advantage of this unique opportunity provided through our community business partners. Participating students fully understand the this is a prestigious opportunity that will help them to be work ready and will open the way to merging the pathway of higher education with real life experiences.
  • Given a student’s schedule, how can business partners rely on them arriving to work on time. Are there any barriers to transportation?"
    Students and families are aware of the transportation requirement before they enter the program. Once a schedule is developed for the student, they commit to being available as agreed ad understand the importance of timeliness and attendance.
  • What happens if a behavioral concern arises? How are behavioral concerns addressed?
    Students sign an Internship Agreement and there are consequences if the Agreement is not followed. The Internship is a part of their high school grade, which may be impacted if they do not meet the tenants of the Agreement. To graduate with the NAF Certification, students must satisfactorily meet the requirements of the program.
  • Is it legal to hire KCCHS NAF 9th and 10th graders?
    Yes, it is legal to hire NAF intern students. NAF has been implemented in several different states and in various high schools in Florida. To-date NAF has about 97 schools in nearly 13 districts, including Hillsborough County, participating in the program in 2016-2017 school year.
  • How much do we have to pay the NAF Intern?
    The rate of pay a NAF intern receives is determined by the business partner. The Fair Labor Standards Act offers this additional guidance: The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) provides for the employment of certain individuals at wage rates below the statutory minimum. Such individuals include student-learners (vocational education students), as well as full-time students employed in retail or service establishments, agriculture, or institutions of higher education. Also included are individuals whose earning or productive capacities are impaired by a physical or mental disability, including those related to age or injury, for the work to be performed. Employment at less than the minimum wage is authorized to prevent curtailment of opportunities for employment. Such employment is permitted only under certificates issued by the Wage and Hour Division. The youth minimum wage is authorized by the FLSA, which allows employers to pay employees under 20 years of age a lower wage for 90 calendar days after they are first employed. Any wage rate above $4.25 an hour may be paid to eligible workers during this 90-day period.
  • How are the students “hired”?
    The hiring process is similar to hiring an employee, with some slight nuances. We have a pool of NAF students and community business partners. Once we match the student and business partner based on needs, the employer has the opportunity to interview the student. Once both agree and all terms are met, the student is hired. KCCHS has a process that will be followed for placement and monitoring to ensure business partners and students are successfully matched and that both benefit from the program.
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