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Partner Forms and Information

NAF’s Academies of Information Technology prepare students for careers in programming, database administration, web design and management, digital networks, and other areas in the expanding digital workplace. This form explains all about it!

Whether you are want to be a guest speaker, job shadow host, or internship supervisor, use this form to ensure that your interactions with student(s) are successful and beneficial to you and the student(s). 

Thank you so much participating in the KCCHS Academy of Information Technology work-based learning experience. Please use this evaluation form to reflect and evaluate your experience. Your feedback will provide important information for us to improve the preparation and implementation of work-based learning experiences for business partners and students.

This Intern Position Description will help your department determine the projects and responsibilities of your intern. This description will also assist in identifying candidates to fill the position.

Please complete this form so that we can best match your company and supervisor(s) with the most appropriate student intern(s).

Please use this form to answer items based upon your experience observing the student intern. It is important that you be objective and candid in your assessment of the intern, as your responses carry credibility to the work-based learning process.

Student Forms and Information

KCCHS NAF interns agree to hold themselves to a high standard of expectations and must agree to these terms and conditions.


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