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Kid's Community College® respects your privacy. At our site, we may gather information from people surfing through our pages to help us identify our audience. Please remember that whenever you voluntarily disclose personal information in KCC's public areas, your information can be collected and used by others.


Information provided in private sections of the website, such as within online registration and the Parent Portal, are kept confidential between the individual and appropriate Kid's Community College® staff for the purposes of admissions, records management, or other needs as required by law.


Kid's Community College® may work with third party organizations that provide various services to the KCC website. However, our policies only apply within the KCC website and cannot be applied to locations outside of our website. Please be aware that our links to third party sites will redirect you to those sites where they may collect personal information about you and operate according to their own privacy practices, different from our own privacy policy. Remember to consult that website's own privacy policy, as once you're outside this website, any information you submit is no longer in our control. 

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